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Saginaw Correctional Facility, MI: Inmate Search, Visitations and Contact Information.

Updated on: May 4, 2023
Saginaw Correctional Facility
Postal Code
Saginaw County
Phone Number
9625 Pierce Road, Freeland, MI, 48623

Saginaw Correctional Facility is a state facility in the Freeland, Saginaw County state of Michigan. Michigan State detention facility has a total capacity of 91 inmates. Michigan State correction facility comprises offenders who have committed violent crimes serving a sentence of 7 to 11 years.

The purpose of Saginaw Correctional Facility is to ensure Michigan State Prison’s staff, inmates, and Michigan public is safe, and to enable offenders at Michigan State correction facility to change positively. Michigan State detention facility has 4 dormitory-style units and 50 cells for Michigan State detainees who are risky to their colleagues.

Michigan Department of Correction (website) is in charge of Saginaw Correctional Facility; hence there are procedures to follow when you visit the offender at Michigan State facility. In addition, Michigan State detainees can make calls through calling cards and be visited by outsiders.

Inmate Search in Saginaw Correctional Facility?

To find offenders in the Saginaw Correctional Facility, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Gather data: To search for the Michigan State prisoner, you will need their full name given and family and, if possible, their prisoner identification number. The identification number is unique to each prisoner and can make the search process much faster and more precise.
  2. Visit the Michigan Department of Correction’s website:
  3. Use the offender locator: On the site, look for an “Inmate Search” feature.
  4. Enter the required information: Once you have navigated to the offender locator, input the inmate’s given and family name, and if available, their inmate identification number.
  5. Review the search results: The search should provide you with a list of offenders matching the information you provided.

If you have trouble finding the Michigan State prisoner or need additional assistance, consider contacting the Michigan Department of Correction or the Saginaw Correctional Facility directly for more help.

How Can You Visit an Inmate in Saginaw Correctional Facility?

To visit an inmate at Saginaw Correctional Facility, you must download, fill and print the Michigan State Prison visitation form Access to Michigan State prison is allowed after approval, which takes 2 weeks. People under the age of 16 years can only visit the Michigan State offenders under the control of the detention facility’s guardian.

Visitations at Saginaw Correctional Facility occur at:

Saturday — 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Sunday — 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

How Can You Contact Saginaw Correctional Facility?

To contact the Saginaw Correctional Facility, MI, visit their office at 9625 Pierce Road, Freeland, MI, 48623 during the weekdays from 9 in the morning to 3in the evening, make a phone call at 989-695-9880 or visit their official website for more details about the detainees.

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