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Clawson Police Department, MI Overview, Police Arrests, Jail Roster, Contacts

Updated on: April 17, 2023
Clawson Police Department
Postal Code
Oakland County
Phone Number
425 North Main Street, Clawson, Michigan, 48017

The Clawson Police Department provides law enforcement services to the residents of Clawson. The Clawson law enforcement agency was established to provide policing services to the residents of Clawson. The department’s headquarters is 425 North Main Street, Clawson, Michigan, 48017.

Clawson Police Arrests

The Clawson law enforcement agency maintains arrest records of all arrestees in the city. The Clawson arrest records contain the following information:

  • The arrestee’s personal data
  • Occurrence report
  • Accusations
  • Proof

Arrest records in Clawson are public information under the Freedom of Information Act meaning anyone has a right to access them upon request. To access the Clawson records, request the records division of the Clawson Police Department. Provide the Clawson arrestee’s name, address, type of report, date of occurrence, and location of occurrence.

Clawson Jail Roster

The Clawson law enforcement agency has a jail facility in Clawson. The jail houses Clawson inmates with short sentences ranging below one year or those waiting for a trial. The Clawson jail provides the public with rosters containing data on prisoners incarcerated in the Clawson facility. The information on the Clawson jail roster includes the offender’s name, age, gender, race, appearance, mugshots, address, booking date, booking number, and release time.

To view the information, visit the jail or contact it via 248-435-5000 and request the jail roster.

The Department’s Structure

The Oakland County correction facility’s overall governing body is the board of police commissioners responsible for the Clawson department’s policies. The highest-ranking officer in the Clawson department is the Chief of Police, appointed by the mayor and approved by the police commission. The Chief of Police reports to the police commissioners, the city council, and the mayor. Some of the duties of the Police Chief include the following:

  • Planning and implementing the Community Policing Plan
  • Facilitating and coordinating law enforcement services
  • Addressing legal and legislative matters
  • Providing a liaison to the news media.

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